Roman Sculpture

“Culture is the sum of all forms of art, of love and thought, that, in the course of centuries, has allowed man to be less enslaved”

André Malraux

Art in corporations

Customized projects previously analyzed with clients, from a formal exploration based on the most pure aesthetics and decorative need, to almost the recreation of a small art gallery. To involve our clients in the passion for culture and, specifically for art, allows us an exchange relation where both sides are learning and enriching the project. Corporate Image has been developed within the last decades, and the incorporation of art elements to their own spaces share a modern and booming approach

Art at home

Having art at home is a way of gaining identity. A cosmopolitan vision, where warm environments are not only aligned with the elegance but with a stronger cultural commitment. Art linked to emotions is the best presentation of our home. It speaks about us and how we are. To decorate with art shows us, without doubt, as truly lovers of beauty and its contemplation, as well as promoters of a contemporary view and innovation in our lives.

Art consulting

Our objective is to advice to the private collector, carrying out a personalized project, taking into account their tastes and budget.

We work to evaluate different alternatives, considering the best options offered to the buyer by the Art Market. We review not only the potential sellers, but also the previous works of art conditions, certificates of authenticity, as well as the administrative management for the transport, insurance and work set-up.
We coordinate the required meetings for the viewing and assessment of the artworks with Art Galleries and private owners.

Taylor made Art Projects

Always involved in discovering new emerging talents, but also enshrined artists international exhibition projects. Search of exhibition spaces, selection of artworks, curating exhibitions and customs formalities. Transportation, insurance and set-ups. We do all the necessary for temporary or permanent export of artworks to the country of destination.